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Hello, Thank you for your support! We know your time is very valuable, and we want to make this as easy as possible. We have made up a letter you can use to send to your legislators to have them support and pass the Animal Husbandry Exemption Act. There is a link for the representatives and senators in Utah and the counties they represent. You will need to choose your representative and senator for your county. There may be more than one for each. The letter is for your convenience, but if you can we urge you to send a personal email instead with your opinions, experiences, etc. and why you feel this bill needs to be passed. You can even make phone calls if you would like. Reaching out to our legislators multiple times would be best! Any and all we can do to show support for this bill is greatly appreciated and much needed. Remember the Animal Husbandry Exemption Act gives you the right to choose who you want to work on your animals! Right now there is a monopolization of horse care in your state. You have the chance to make a change for the better! YOUR RIGHT = YOUR CHOICE

Sample email text

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Dear Legislator, I am sending you this letter because I want the Animal Husbandry Exemption Act bill passed that Senator David Hinkins is filing this 2018 legislative session. I as a Utah resident want to see this bill passed. It will give me the opportunity to choose who I feel is the most qualified to work on my animals. It will put the rights back in my hands out of the control of the veterinary community. I know through healthy competition the choices for quality of care will go up and the prices will go down. I as a Utah resident and animal owner know it is your responsibility to look after my rights. I want the Animal Husbandry Exemption Act passed. Thank you