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I have used Mark Allen as my Equine Dentist for over 10 years. In that course of that time I have had several horses with unique teeth issues that were affecting their health and performance. Mark was able to identify these problems and resolve them. I currently have several very healthy old horses in their late 20's and I attribute their longevity to having regular dentals from Mark. I put my trust in Mark due to his experience, training and dedication to his field. As a result, I won’t have anyone else work on my horse's teeth. Traci VonKaenel Rafter V Farrier Supply
Maggie is proof positive of what excellent equine dentistry can do for emaciated, neglected or older horses. An aged mare with a broken jaw, Maggie came into rescue with a poor prognosis for survival. While she was interested in food, she was unable to chew effectively and was quidding. Even soaked mashes were difficult for her to digest. As soon as she was physically stable, Mark and Velvet came out and did a full exam and evaluation. Her issues were identified and properly treated and with a balanced mouth her jaw began to heal. Within a matter of weeks, her ability to chew improved significantly. This in turn enabled her to ingest the calories and protein to heal. Her progress was unprecedented. She is now a somewhat easy keeper and is in good weight with a glossy coat and equally shiny disposition. Mark and Velvet helped this old lady regain her health and by keeping her mouth balanced she has been able to maintain her weight. D'Arcy Downs-Vollbracht, Esq Cadre Consulting Group, LLC +1 928-542-9020
Mark Allen has worked on all of my horses and client's horses (pleasure to performance) for the past three years. I have nothing but good things to say about his work. Besides taking his time and thoroughly working on each horse , he has a kind hand and is true horsemen when it comes to working around the horses. My top barrel horses are performing at their best and Mark's dentistry work on them has played a major component in their performance levels. Amy Prechter Owner/Trainer/Instructor Cedar Ridge Equine
To Whom It May Concern January 29, 2018 Topic: Value of non-veterinarian Equine Dentist I have education and experience working on credentialing for the profession of Certified Rehabilitation Counseling. My Doctorate Degree is a PhD in Counseling, Rehabilitation, Personnel Services. I am Board Certified as a Rehabilitation Counselor and as a Earnings Analyst. I work as a Forensic Rehabilitation Expert. I worked on the Credentialing Board for Certified Rehabilitation Counselors for 11 years and on the Board for the American Rehabilitation Economic Association for 3 years. Since 1984 I have owned, rode, trained, and cared for horses. I currently own three horses that I ride, train, and provide care. I have experience with non-equine dentist trained veterinarian doctors who provide equine dental services, with equine dentist trained veterinarian doctors, and with non-veterinarian equine dentists. For the past eight years my favorite Equine Dentist is not a veterinarian. He is Certified by training and experience in Equine Dentistry. His name is Mark Allen. Mr. Allen is professional in his Equine Dentistry services. He takes the time to explain what he does, why he does it, and how much it will cost. Compared to every other person that over the years has done Equine Dental care with my horses Mark Allen is the best. He has more breadth of expertise in Equine Dentistry than the veterinarians who have no special training in dentistry that have worked on my horses. A Consumer Best Buy is Mark Allen for Equine Dental care. A horse’s dental care needs is well served by Mark. Larry Deneen, PhD,
Tristen Wikel trained by Susan Shea at Sandspur Ranch in Scottsdale Arizona had a spectacular year with her Pegasus Arabians bred and raised horses. Dr Mark Allen CEqD has done her horses teeth for a few years now. With that being said Tristen came home with 6 champions and 3 reserves at Youth Nationals and came home with 7 champions and 5 reserves at Canadian Nationals. With a total of 21 champions!